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Tengallon Sunflower - Aspen Mays

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ISBN# 978-1-7339499-7-2 

9.825 x 11.75 inches, 56 plates, 112 pages, tritone screen printed trifold cover.  Text by Josh Faught & Aspen Mays.  Handmade edition of 250.

Tengallon Sunflower brings together three interconnected series of photograms, all made without the use of a camera. The work began as an investigation of personal objects: Mays great grandmother’s bandanna—pale pink, printed with a starburst pattern—and a second vintage bandanna owned by Georgia O’Keefe, dyed indigo and accented with white dots—the kind of ubiquitous textile that seems to have no author or origin. Some scholars have speculated that the warp and weft of textiles were humanity’s first use of a grid. The artist has often returned to this in their work: humble objects that suggest cosmic connections.

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